Allgon develops, manufactures and supplies solutions in industrial radio remote control to customers around the world. Our customers deal with us through the companies Tele Radio and Åkerströms.

No governance change

In response to recent media speculation in a Swedish financial magazine (Affärsvärlden). Allgon refutes the theory that a shift in the management of Tele Radio is in question. Recently Allgon was featured in independent company analysis in the magazine “Affärsvärlden”. […]

Interview: Anna Stiwne

In a series of interviews with company leaders and key people within Allgon AB, we first meet Anna Stiwne, CEO of the radio control company Åkerströms Björbo AB. Watch the movie or read when Anna tells about the history of […]

Meet our company Åkerströms

Åkerströms Björbo AB is an international company founded in 1918 that develops, produces, markets, and services high-quality and robust products for remote control of industrial cranes, doors and mobile applications. Åkerströms have more than 50 years of experience developing high-quality radio […]

Meet our company Tele Radio

Tele Radio develops, manufactures and markets safe radio control systems for industrial use. The company was founded in Sweden in 1955 and has since developed into an expansive group, the Tele Radio Group. The head office is situated in Askim […]