Åkerströms focuses on industrial radio control for heavy industries with high demands on flexibility, safety and longevity. The company has over 50 years of experience in radio control with customers around the world and has been a member of the Allgon group since 2016.

Together with demanding industrial customers, Åkerströms develops customized radio control solutions for the manufacturing industry, mines, smelters and the transport sector, with a particularly strong position in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Åkerström’s product range consists of:

  • Remotus – a product family for radio control of safety-critical industrial and mobile applications where high robustness is in demand. 
  • Sesam – simpler system for controlling booms, gates, gates, winches and more.

Åkerströms reaches the market directly and together with partners around the world and has so far installed about 22,000 systems. The head office is located in Björbo, Dalarna.

Anna Stiwne

VD Åkerströms Björbo AB
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