Allgons ambition and strategy

The Allgon group strives to add value to the world around us with minimal negative impact. Therefore we have based Allgon’s sustainability strategy on the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. This balances three dimensions of sustainability: economy, society, and the environment. In other words, the Allgon group needs to set goals to make sure we do more good than harm.

Allgon’s sustainability strategy is based on the UN’s global goals from Agenda 2030. Allgon’s materiality analysis and the UN’s global goals are the basis for large parts of the Group’s sustainability work. A stakeholder survey was conducted in 2019 to identify which areas are of the greatest importance to our stakeholders. The survey shows which areas within Allgon should strategically work towards and report on. Moreover, the analysis provided guidance on which areas matched the global goals in Agenda 2030: 

A sustainable business and measureable goals for the Allgon group

sustainable goal 8sustainable goal 10

Goal 8

With technical innovation and upgrade of applications, we increase the safety of many workplaces with the help of industrial radio control. This is something we are proud of. We will continue to ensure that we manufacture safe radio control products for our customers. To ensure the best possible conditions for good working conditions and working environment, Allgon has in 2020 implemented a common code of conduct which, among other things, will include guidelines for staff rights.

Goal 10

In order to clarify the Group’s approach to gender equality and gender equality issues, Allgon implemented and harmonized a Group-wide equal opportunity policy during 2020. All employees shall have equal rights, opportunities, and obligations regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or other belief, sexual orientation, or disability. Our gender equality and diversity work aims to create a tolerant work environment free from discrimination, abusive behavior, and harassment. Read the equal opportunity policy in its entirety here.

Goal 12

Allgon shall strive to produce and offer sustainable products with a long service life. In this way, we contribute to more responsible consumer behavior. We will also strive to, as far as possible, design our products from climate-smart materials. The Group shall also strive to recycle materials as far as possible in both production and other operations.

Goal 13

Allgon is a group with manufacturing operations where several subsidiaries manufacture physical products. The majority of the manufacturing operations take place in the industrial radio control business area through the companies Tele Radio and Åkerströms but also include antenna products from the company Smarteq. In order to create a greater understanding of Allgon’s environmental impact, especially with regard to carbon dioxide emissions, the Group has examined what constitutes the largest sources of emissions for the companies.

Goal 16

To ensure that Allgon and its companies do not engage in behaviors such as bribery or corruption, that we comply with agreements entered into and do not use our position for personal benefits, etc., guidelines on business ethics will be established as part of the Code of Conduct. This informs and regulates how the Group’s personnel should act in professional contexts to ensure that we operate in accordance with good business ethics.