Allgon AB (publ) is a public Swedish company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Allgon is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm and is subject to the Swedish Companies Act and First North Growth Markets regulations. Allgon does not apply the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance or the Annual Accounts Act’s rules on Corporate Governance Report, because First North Growth Market is not defined as a regulated market and these rules are therefore not applicable. However, Allgon’s work with corporate governance is largely inspired by the code.

Control & control

Responsibility for management and control of the operations of Allgon AB with subsidiaries is divided between the shareholders at the AGM, the Board of Directors, the President and the external auditor elected by the AGM. Responsibility is based on the Companies Act, the Articles of Association, First North’s regulations and internal work arrangements and instructions. These are applied and followed up by common reporting procedures and standards. The company’s shares are listed for trading on First North Growth Market, nicknamed ALLG B and have FNCA AB as a Certified Adviser. Since August 1, 2018, the company’s corporate bond has been admitted to trading on the Corporate Bond List at NASDAQ Stockholm