Market segments

The radio control market can be divided into the following segments:


In the industry, radio remote control is often used for material handling in production. This can include controlling cranes, lifting devices, winches and conveyors. The control of this type of equipment must meet very high quality and safety requirements, while at the same time being user friendly and able to work with the customer’s advanced production equipment.


Radio remote control for mobile installations is a large and growing segment. This is often for material handling solutions and equipment for trucks, site machinery, trains, ships and other maritime environments. High demands are placed on user-friendliness and ergonomics where radio remote control makes the operator’s job safer and more efficient.


Work underground places particularly high demands on wireless communication. In this demanding and dangerous environment, radio remote control means that operators can control mining equipment such as drilling rigs, conveyor beltes and transport vehicles safely and efficiently. Radio remote control underground places particularly high demands on suppliers.


Radio remote control has a wide range of applications for the control of doors, gates and other barriers and security solutions. This market segment is large in volume, while simultaneously not requiring such complex technical solutions as in other market segments in the field of radio remote control.