Meet our company Åkerströms

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Åkerströms Björbo AB is an international company founded in 1918 that develops, produces, markets, and services high-quality and robust products for remote control of industrial cranes, doors and mobile applications. Åkerströms have more than 50 years of experience developing high-quality radio remote control products for industrial and mobile applications.

Åkerströms has unique expertise in radio technology for industrial and mobile applications. Combined with a wide product range, including various types of transmitters, receivers, and other equipment for creating complete systems they offer the Nordic markets unparalleled quality in products and service.

“We needed rugged control equipment and that’s exactly what we got with the Remotus Mercury”

Christian af Petersens, Hammar Maskin

All products are developed in-house and manufacturing is carried out on the companies premises in Björbo, Sweden. Åkerströms has a closeness to the customer which is appreciated on the demanding industrial market in the Nordics.

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