No governance change

Stock market

In response to recent media speculation in a Swedish financial magazine (Affärsvärlden). Allgon refutes the theory that a shift in the management of Tele Radio is in question.

Recently Allgon was featured in independent company analysis in the magazine “Affärsvärlden”. In the article, the author discusses Allgon from an investment standpoint. After looking into turnover, growth speed, and profitability the analyst gives an investment recommendation. The analyst also points out that their previous negative assessment from March was erroneous. In the closing comments, the analyst floats a theory that a CEO-shift might be on the horizon in Tele Radio. Allgon would like to point out that this is not in line with our strategy and we refute this theory as speculation.

Johan Hårdén, CEO Allgon
Ola Samelius, EVP Allgon/CEO Tele Radio