About Allgon

Allgon is a world-leading player in industrial radio control. We develop, manufacture and supply solutions in industrial radio control to customers around the world.
We have a long history at Allgon of working with wireless communication. In recent years we have focused our business in the market for industrial radio control, a market in which we are one of the five largest players globally. Industrial radio control is used within a wide range of applications both in industrial production as well as in the construction

and transport sectors. Our solutions often have a central and business critical role in our customers’ production and the safety of their employees.
Radio controlled systems account for the majority of Allgon’s turnover through our wholly owned subsidiaries Tele Radio and Åkerströms. Allgon also invests in new associated technology in the Connectivity business area. Allgon has about 350 employees in 16 countries.


Mission and offer

We will provide the safest and most reliable solutions for industrial radio remote control.

What we deliver
We create a safe and user-friendly work environment for our customers’ employees by use of our solutions for industrial radio remote control. At the same time, we help our customers to make their production and logistics more cost effective.
We constantly develop and improve our solutions with new technologies to meet the industry’s ever-increasing demands on certification, ergonomics and intuitive user-friendly solutions.

Tele Radio Group

Tele Radio supplies a wider range of products for industrial radio control. The company was founded in Lysekil in 1955 and since then has developed into an expansive global player and has been part of the Allgon Group since 2018. The company has a wide range of solutions for various industrial applications.
Tele Radio supplies systems to the global market, which it reaches through a broad distribution network with its own subsidiaries and partners around the world. The head office is in Askim, Gothenburg.



Åkerströms focuses on industrial radio remote control for heavy industry with high demands on flexibility, safety and longevity. The company has over 50 years of experience in radio control with customers around the world and has been part of the Allgon Group since 2016. Together with demanding industrial customers, Åkerströms develops
tailor-made radio remote control for, among other things, the manufacturing, mining, smelting and transport sectors, with a particularly strong position in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Åkerströms reaches the market directly and along with partners around the world. The head office is in Björbo, Dalarna.



At Allgon, extensive research and development work is carried out in the field of wireless communication, mainly in radio control through Tele Radio and Åkerströms. The Connectivity business area combines operations that focus on new technologies connected to radio control.
Smarteq develops and sells advanced antenna systems. WSI develops and industrializes advanced solutions for IoT and advanced radio. IIOX supplies secure implementations within industrial IoT and Satmission develops and manufactures systems for mobile satellite communication.




Allgon group

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Tele Radio Group


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 Group managment

Johan Hårdén, CEO Allgon

Johan Hårdén
CEO Allgon AB
+46 (0)733 859 219

Ola Samelius
Vice CEO Allgon AB
CEO Tele Radio AB
+46 (0)70 884 69 01

Sten Hildemar
CFO Allgon AB
+46 (0)708 790 503

Anna Stiwne

Anna Stiwne
CEO Åkerströms Björbo AB
+46 (0)702-447 716



Yasemin Heper Mårtensson
CEO Smarteq AB
+46 (0)733-977 000

Christian Olsson
CEO Allgon Supply AB
+46 (0)733 859 260

Jan-Åke Lindqvist
+46 (0)70 555 49 17