About Allgon

Allgon is a Swedish group of companies that operates globally and offers products and systems for industrial and demanding environments. Under Allgon are a number of niched companies. These companies develop, deliver and sell robust wireless products and systems for streamlining your business and making it more competitive in an increasingly digitized world.
Fortitude, curiosity and investment in keen, young, innovative engineers made us one of Sweden’s most successful companies during the 1990s and the telecommunications era. This heritage, combined with the new Allgon companies’ strategic and structural experiences, are for us to nurture and use now that we are facing a new technological transition.


Business concept and objectives


The Allgon group’s companies develop, manufacture and sell wireless products and systems. By acquiring relevant skills in a company group, we provide an
offering that makes it easy to modernize, streamline and digitize your business and increase its competitiveness.



Our growth will primarily be organic and secondarily through the acquisition of established, promising companies that complement and function within the framework of
Allgon’s offerings. We strive for good risk diversification and are building up the new Allgon for the long term, focusing on creating value for our shareholders.

Acquisition strategy

  • Our ambition is to acquire established, promising companies that are active in wireless industrial communication and will contribute to helping our customers digitize their businesses.
  • The acquisitions will work to complement Allgon’s vision but will retain its DNA.  



Johan Hårdén
CEO Allgon AB
+46 (0)733 859 219

Sten Hildemar
CFO Allgon AB
+46 (0)708 790 503

Yasemin Heper Mårtensson
CEO Smarteq AB
+46 (0)733-977 000

Christian Olsson
CEO Allgon Supply
+46 (0)733 859 260
Jan-Åke WSI

Jan-Åke Lindqvist
Wireless System Integration
+46 (0)70-555 49 17
Ola Samelius

Ola Samelius
Tele Radio AB
+46 (0)70 884 69 01

Our history

In the late 1940’s, the “Antennspecialisten” company was founded. Ten years later it came to be known as Allgon. The company’s history is quite amazing, and mainly a success story. All businesses go up and down, but for Allgon, progress seems mostly to have gone up, mainly thanks to the company’s ability to hire talented people, often recently graduated, giving them a large measure of responsibility

and the opportunity to develop their expertise for the benefit of Allgon. This gave rise to a special energy, an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm that permeated the company year after year. If you ask former employees, Allgonites, about their old workplace, they often mention the special atmosphere that existed within Allgon. A very solid foundation, we think, and a recipe for success that is important to cherish.

  • 1947 – Torbjörn and Veronica Cramner founded the company “Antennspecialisten” which was subsequently renamed Allgon. The focus was on antennas for radios and car aerials.
  • 1951 – Allgon moved from central Stockholm to the suburb of Åkersberga, where it remained until the end of the 1990s.
  • 1960 – In the late 1960s Torbjörn and Veronica Cramner divorced and divided the company. Torbjörn continued under the name “Allgon” and focused mainly on HF antennas for radio. Veronica called her portion “Carant”, which is an abbreviation of “Car Antenna”, and which also reflected the company’s product portfolio.
  • 1974 – Allgon went into receivership. Much money had been invested in the development and construction of large 25-metre HF antennas. These were used for communication by diplomats (at that time there were no satellite phones). However, constructing these huge antennas was a financial risk which unfortunately did not succeed. However, Hjalmar and Jonas Kämpe came to the rescue and bought the company.
  • 1989 – Allgon was listed on the Stock Exchange.
  • 1990s – Allgon grew fast, dominated the mobile phone market, and its shares became popular. Just before the new millennium, Allgon produced some 100 million mobile phone antennas each year.
  • 2000 – “Carant”, Veronica Cramer’s portion of Allgon was bought up by Smarteq, which simultaneously acquired part of Allgon – Allgon Application. Carant and Allgon, which had been separated for 30 years, were now reunited. During this period Allgon was one of the largest antenna companies in the world. When the Kämpe family sold their shareholdings in the late 1990s, much was changed, and because the company was listed on the Stock Exchange, interest was being shown in the remaining part of Allgon, which could be amalgamated with others or sold.
  • 2002 – – The mobile antenna part of Allgon was sold to the American company Centurion. Those parts of Allgon that were left were first combined with LGP Telecom, and sold again in 2004 to Powerwave, another American company.
  • 2005 – Nothing remained of the Allgon brand.
  • 2015 – A new chapter begins in the story of Allgon.