Here is the contact information for staff at Allgon and the subsidiary directors. Use the contact form for general inquiries.

Group management

Ola Samelius

Executive president Allgon AB, CEO Tele Radio AB
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Born: 1955
Education: Chalmers University, University of Gothenburg

Jesper Ribbe

CTO Allgon AB, COO Tele Radio AB
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Born: 1972
Education: Technical Physics / Chalmers

Joakim Berlin

CFO Allgon AB, CFO Tele Radio AB
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Born: 1975
Education: University of Gothenburg

Hans Persson

COO Allgon AB, COO Åkerströms Björbo AB
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Mark van der Elst

CMO Allgon Group, CMO Tele Radio

Group directors

Anna Stiwne

CEO Åkerströms Björbo AB

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