Customer cases

Kässbohrer and Tele Radio set new standards for security and efficiency

Safe discharging of a bitumen tanker with a Panther PLd system

Kässbohrer is Europe’s fastest growing trailer producers due to their quality and innovative solutions in chassis building. Many transport companies make us of the Kässbohrer solutions for the transport of goods for decades.

The manufacturer co-operates with Tele Radio for the development of various wireless solutions on trailers. The systems are easy to install and reliable and really contribute to the safety and comfort. For the Kässbohrer tippers they use a wired and wireless control for the front cylinder that tilts the box and opens the rear door. The Tele Radio Panther 3 buttons transmitter can be used from the cabin as well as outside on a safe distance.

The increased safety by using a wireless remote control can even be better viewed with the bitumen tank trailer that is developed in co-operation with Hoyer Logistics GMBH.

For the charging and discharging the driver/operator can use a wired control system attached to the trailer. But with the hot and flammable bitumen the operator needs to respect a safe zone of approximately 6 meters. This is simply possible by using a Panther PLd wireless remote. The user is at a safe distance, has a good view on the trailer, and is able to close the valves immediately and run a away in case of emergency. The transmitter is independently certified for the PLd safety level. The video that can be seen through the link below, shows the unique solution on this bitumen trailer.

Based on this innovation Kässbohrer deserved the IAA Trailer Innovation Award 2017 in the category safety.

Radio control is a work environment issue

Åkerströms has collaborated with the floor machine manufacturer Scanmaskin for more than 10 years.

Over the years, Åkerströms has supplied a large number of radio systems to Scanmaskin’s larger floor polisher machines. The radio systems that control the floor machine’s movements, among other things, simplify and streamline work on large floor surfaces. The operator’s work becomes flexible and ergonomic. Instead of running the heavy machine manually, you control its movements wirelessly with the aid of a transmitter placed on a hip belt.

Scanmaskin, headquartered in Sweden, has since 1975 manufactured market-leading flooring, surface treatment and polishing equipment. All manufacturing takes place at their plant in Lindome, on the outskirts of Gothenburg. Their latest machine Scanmaskin 32 World Series was launched in January 2018 and is delivered worldwide, with the US as the most important and largest market.

The collaboration with Scanmaskin began as early as 2007, and over the years Åkerströms has supplied a large number of radio systems to this customer. In close cooperation with the customer, Åkerströms has developed tailor-made solutions for their needs and machines. One of our strongest sides, says Anna Stiwne, Sales Manager at Åkerströms. With the customer in focus and safety in the forefront, we can deliver the most optimal, robust radio solutions for our customers.